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Main Optic Experiment

To observe reflection from plane mirrors
To investigate image formation by convex and concave lenses
To determine focal lengths of convex and concave lenses experimentally
To form images, using convex and concave mirrors
To find the focal point of concave mirrors experimentally
To investigate refraction of light at di?erent medium according to Snell’s Law
To observe refraction in prisms and to calculate the angle of deviation
To investigate the distraction of light waves at a single slit
To explore the feature of polarization of light
To measure Brewster’s angle
To show the relationship between the intensity of illumination and distance


Let’s analyze the mysterious world of optics together. Optics is the scientific study which investigates the behaviour of light or the characteristics of other radiation types. Mirrors are categorized as plane mirrors, concave mirrors, convex mirrors and you will be experimenting how scienti?c observations may be tested on mirror types. Continuing with the phenomenon called reflection and refraction. Get ready to experience optics laboratory via VR Laboratory .