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Redox Titration: Determination of H₂O₂ Concentration



• To propose a hypothesis to answer the research question

• To use balanced chemical equations for processing empirical data

• To determine the end point of a titration

• To find molar concentration of a hydrogen peroxide solution of unknown concentration


Curriculum Alignments


HS-PS1-2. Construct and revise an explanation for the outcome of a simple chemical reaction based on the outermost electron states of atoms, trends in the periodic table, and knowledge of the patterns of chemical properties.


• AP

4.2 Net Ionic Equations

4.9 Oxidation-Reduction (Redox) Reactions


• Cambridge Internatonal AS & A Level

3.1.7 Oxidation, reduction and redox equations

• IB

9.1 Oxidation and Reduction 


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