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Electrical Resistance



• Observing the relationship between the number of bulbs and the brightness of the bulb,
• To examine the effects of the length of the conductor in the circuit, the vertical cross-sectional area and the type of the conductor on the brightness of the bulb,
• To estimate the variables on which the brightness of a light bulb connected to an electrical circuit depends,
• To define electrical resistance in terms of energy transfer,
• Realizing that the bulb also has a resistance.

Curriculum Alignments

• IB 

5.2 – Heating effect of electric currents 


• Cambridge GCSE Physics
• AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism




In this experiment, the concept of electrical resistance is handled in accordance with the definition of difficulty against the electrical energy transferred in a circuit and how the resistance depends on the parameters of resistivity, length and thickness is examined.