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Determination of pH Using Natural Indicator Experiment

• To emphasize the importance of acids and bases for all creatures,

• To learn the indicators and their purpose of the usage,

• To determine whether certain substances and nutrients we use in daily life are acid, base or neutral.



In this experiment pH test is being applied to different compounds. 
Acids give hydrogen ion to the solution when dissolved in water, and bases give hydroxide ion. The acidity or basicity of the solution is determined by the concentration values of hydrogen ions. This value is measured with a pH meter and it takes values between 0-14. The pH value between 0-7 is acidic, pH 7 is neutral, and pH 7-14 is basic. Chemical substances that provide color change with acids and bases are called indicators. Acid-base indicators give color according to the pH value of the solution. 
In this experiment, pH values of lemon juice, vinegar, orange juice, tomato juice, pickle juice, milk, distilled water, dish soap, carbonate, broccoli, powder soap, bleach, and oven cleaner will be examined by using natural indicators.